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Raramuri or Tarahumara children face complex challenges which too often cause loss of connection with their culture, falling behind in school, and living in a cycle of poverty. The Inner Awakening Project aims to reconnect children to their cultural roots, to provide a stable foundation for them to grow, and allow them to learn the wisdom of their elders and teachers in a sustainable way led completely by the community. In this new cycle, the children will eventually become the teachers for the next generation. Curriculum includes: Reading and writing in Raramuri (there are currently NO textbooks in their own language), learning traditional music, dance, art, poetry, ceremonies, cultural history, mythology, playing traditional sports like Rarajipari (ball race), and much more.
The year is 2008. I am about run my first Leadville Trail 100 Mile Endurance Run. My goal is simple: complete the run under the 33 hour cut off, but the secret goal is to complete it in huarache sandals that I had made myself.
LONG AGO, OUR FOUNDER BAREFOOT TED HEADED DEEP INTO THE COPPER CANYONS of Mexico in search of adventure, seeking to learn how to run free with people who have been doing it for generations...
Tom and I arrived at Turquoise lake almost an hour ahead of our expected time, catching the rest of the crew off guard. It all worked out and in no time, I was heading back out with Dan who had completed LT100 a few years earlier. We rolled up and down hills making great progress. Dan informed me of the incredible progress we were making. He said I had passed over 200 runners.
Onna has been bikepacking long distances for over 10 years! Her most current adventure? Bikepacking from Arizona to Argentina! Check out her Ultimate Bikepacking Guide with everything you need to get started on your own adventure.
With a star studded ultrarunning career filled with 80+ wins, and over two dozen course records...we wanted to know what LUNA Runner Michelle Barton's secret sauce is. Read her top 7 training tips to step up your running game.

 Imagine not being tied down to a lease or a mortgage. Imagine having the freedom to go anywhere and do anything. Imagine a life not cluttered with too much stuff, where everything you need is within arms reach. Imagine a vibrant community of other vanlifers that are ready to welcome you into the family.

Thats what vanlife is for us. Its a way for us to create our own lives instead of blindly following a prescribed path that may not be for us.

What do a dog collarhalf a bottle of whiskey, an old fashioned wedding dress, an iPad, a new Nalgene, a bra, a tambourine, a coffee cup and a hula hoop have in common? 

These are (some of) the remnants left by their exhausted former owners after spending four days at the Born to Run Ultra Marathon Extravaganza on a beautiful private ranch in Los Olivos, CA.

Yes, I treat it like an addiction, because my LUNAs are the only things I can run in. 
I’ve just won last week’s Adventure Poll, and I won it by posting my ugly feet covered in mud and resting on top of the best thing I could have underneath it, my LUNAs.