Women Running Free Together

So this is a room here too for you, woman, to be yourself and to get inspired about your own life story.

Hi my name is Fran. 
I am an Ultra Marathon Runner. And I run in LUNA Sandals.
I have no shoes. 
This is my own story how running and running in LUNA Sandals has changed my life.

Why I am sharing this?
Because I want to inspire you, especially if you are a woman, to dare to take your own free steps too.
As a runner, as a woman, wherever you are at in your life.

I started running in my 20s.
I was in a social work job and was totally stressed out.
I wasn’t happy with my body and didn’t know what to do to get out of this situation.
So I started running.
First in barefoot shoes, just because I loved being barefoot in general.
Early morning, on my own, so that I didn’t have to meet someone or feel uncomfortable being seen running.

Over time, something changed inside of me.
I got more confident in myself and my body.
My strength grew and I could run further and further.
I felt liberated, unbounded, more and more trusting myself.
Then I discovered LUNA Sandals.
And it opened another world for me.

I read about them in the book “Born to Run”.
Ordered my first pair and instantly loved the feeling of them.
The freedom they gave my feet and the sunshine and air they allowed me to feel.
Over time I felt my feet gaining so much strength and flexibility, and also my body in general.
And I have never looked back to running in shoes.
I am a total LUNAtic :-)

My LUNAs have taken me to Mexico where I ran the Caballo Blanco Marathon.
It was such an amazing feeling to run there in sandals in between all the Tarahumara Runners, especially the females.

Next I took my LUNAs to “Born to Run Ultra Marathons" in America where I ran my first Ultra Marathon in them.
And again it was the best feeling ever, and I completed more than I have ever thought was possible for me.
Life has a way of showing us what we are capable of when we are open for it and let it take over...

I also learned that running as a woman is different.
We have different nutrition needs and we have a different physicality.
Sometimes we are looked at differently and treated differently.
But the sisterhood at running events is so amazing.
I love meeting other female runners and how we are supporting each other no matter how far we run.

Something relaxes in us women when we are allowed to just be ourselves, together, in an open non judgmental space.
When we honor our uniqueness as women.
Our different qualities, and the qualities we have together as women.
Our cycles and our connection to Mother Earth and life itself.
So this is a room here too for you, woman, to be yourself and to get inspired about your own life story.

So now I am curious.
What is your own experience of running as a woman?
Where do you still feel restricted, limited, stuck, not able to move forward?
Have you ever tried running barefoot or in sandals?
And if not, what support would you need to try it out?

Reach out and let’s connect.
Any questions about LUNA Sandals in general please feel free to contact the LUNA Sandals Team directly.
But if you have questions about running as a woman and especially in LUNAs, then feel free to contact me.
Running has taken me so much further and has opened a totally new life for me.
Over the next weeks and months I will share more about it, as I want you to be inspired to run your own unique path too.
Live & Run Free and you can run forever… 

Blessings, Fran

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