Barefoot Ted's Words of Wisdom About Longevity

In a recent interview with Damian Geleyns of LegendLifeAfter40,
Barefoot Ted revealed his simple recipe for longevity.

Damian: What for you would be the three, lifestyle or health or fitness things you could do that would have the greatest impact on your health, wellness and longevity?

Barefoot Ted: Ok this is easy. Believe it or not, the first one is one I think you'll find to be about as simple as one as you can hope for.

Learn how to to spend more time, including when you're sleeping, breathing through your nose with your mouth shut. Give that a look, give that a little look. To get you inspired about that topic, go read a book in the 1890's called "Shut Your Mouth," written by a guy who went and painted every Native American tribe in North America.

He became very observant of all of them and their culture and their ways, and this one interesting behavior was one that was basically apart of all of them. Training children and people to keep their mouth shut, and it's just now recently, breathing, you know breathing is becoming popular as a topic.  And there's reasons for it, and there's new data coming out covering all kinds of interesting things. Learn how to breathe through your nose, thats number 1.

Number 2, take your shoes off more often, as often as possible, and find that you feel better when you do. And finally number 3, every day combine the first 2 ideas, breathing through your nose and standing with bare feet, outside in fresh air with sunlight shining on your face.

If you do those 3 things everyday, I guarantee you, 100%, you are going to feel better than you did than when you didn't do those 3 things. There you go, that's Barefoot Ted's 3 things in a nutshell.

Watch the full interview here

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Francesca Austin

Francesca Austin

April 20, 2023

I very much agree with this philosophy. I spent every day of my childhood and teenage years outside and barefoot when weather made this possible (lived in Massachusetts where it was cold, icy and snowy OFTEN). To this day and I’m 75 I choose bare feet over any foot covering and now live in a city. I try to keep my nostrils open to breathe but wanted to give a shout out encouraging a barefooted lifetime! Love My Lunas too. Found them after I had to quit running, (double knee and other joint replacements) but for walking in forest or on cement they feel great. Cheers and Happy New Year.

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