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Born to Run Extravaganza 2023

The 2023 Born to Run Ultra Extravaganza Weekend Concludes

"We are part of a wild network of open-hearted freaks and friends, saints and sinners all seeking a good time and some running in between. "

Have you ever dreamed of traveling back into time? Every Spring an improbable band of humanoids and wannabes form a living tribe of running, dancing, drinking, praying, singing, tripping temporary and long-term Californians assemble on a secluded private ranch near the old town of Los Olivos, California to perform the most sacred and profane dance of celebration of life and living that inspires most of us to regroup year after year for over a decade now.

We are part of a wild network of open-hearted freaks and friends, saints and sinners all seeking a good time and some running in between. And remember: if you didn’t make it this year, there is room for you next.

What happened?

Ostensibly, the Born to Run Ultra Extravaganza is a running event at its core… in some cases people spend 4 days running around two different well marked 10 miles loops the meander through rolling hills covered with old oaks and living wildlife on land that gives few clues that there is a modern world out there somewhere. We like it that way. It is real time travel and nature therapy and talk therapy and religion without religion…a full on smogasborg of all the good you can squeeze out of happy healthy people consenting to have a good time together. That is the spirit of the BTR Extravaganza in a nutshell.

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The leader of the mayhem is a tried and true Central Californian sheriff character you know from the book Born to Run as “EL COYOTE” but his real world persona is our race director and overall host, Luis Escobar, and if there ever was a man who took the concept of sheriff further in the direction of unimaginable, he did it. He is the LAW on the ranch, and with a sheriff like that, Lord knows something seriously fun is going to happen…and it does and does and does.

Photo Credit Michelle Evans

Now let me warn you folks, when I say sacred and profane, I mean it. BTR is a place to go to get a little wild. You see it’s not just a a living tribe of running, dancing, drinking, praying, singing, tripping temporary and long-term Californios, it’s also a PRIVATE CAMPGROUND…so this once-a-year extended family shows up with tents, RVs, campers, trailers and build little communities within the community of renegade runners from every corner of the planet.

Photo Credit Michelle Evans

How can I participate?

Great news. The event has something for everyone. One of the growing group of participants are the 0.0 mile runners. Yup! They just show up to watch and participate in the none stop action that occurs in the main camp’s mini three-ringed circus-like stage area. They enjoy the daily live music performances, the off-the-charts and not OK almost anywhere else zany and marvelously risque games and events that cater to adults but in the daylight times never abuse the younger eyes (at night Lord knows), the costumes and dancing, the drinking, smoking and hugging and helping is much and mucho more. They come as volunteers and they come to crew for family and friends who have decided to try out some of the longer “races”…the 4 day race, the 100 mile race, the 50 mile race, the 30 mile race, the 10 mile race. You get the idea. 

Check out AllWeDoIsRun for all their events and sign up early!

How is LUNA involved?

LUNA has been a main sponsor of the Extravaganza since day one and after 10+ years we find ourselves privileged to occupy the envious spectating position just to the left of the main stage which means our “Big Tent” loaded with LUNA and Barefoot Ted relics attracts a stream of eyes and bodies, friends and acquaintances who come to commingle with like minded LUNAtics. It’s all good.

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What will I find at the LUNA TENT?

Every year we do a pre-sale of special “limited edition” sandals made just for the event to be picked up at the Ranch. For the lucky ones who arrive to the Ranch early we have a “Factory Outlet” sale behind our tent with the very best deals on lightly used LUNAs. One thing that becomes super obvious super quickly, the Ranch is full on LUNA territory. You’ve never seen so many people wearing LUNAs in any one spot at the same time. A true family of LUNAtics seeking to RUN FREE among the golden land. Do that and you’re in. And most certainly you’ll see my 1966 Blue VW Beetle made famous in the pages of the book “Born to Run” along with my High-wheel bicycle and perhaps a rickshaw or two…and of course a Solowheel and a skateboard and more recently “Monkey Art” by elusive surf/skate street artist “Mondo” Monkey. Nuff said.

Sum up?

You’ve got to find a way to join us in California. Come early and stay longer. Before and after the event you can visit us in Santa Barbara at “Barefoot Ted’s Garage” in West Beach and enjoy the ambiance of pre and post race joy-festing. Life is good and getting Goodr for all true LUNAtics and Run Free fans.


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