True Messages x LUNA Sandals Collaboration

We are super excited to announce our official partnership with the non profit True Messages to support beneficial projects in the Copper Canyons, and Tarahumara Communities. True Messages is a non profit organization created in honor of Micah True, El Caballo Blanco, who loved the people of the Copper Canyons and lands they shared with him, and who gave back at every turn. If you've read the bestselling book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, you know about Caballo Blanco as well as the story of our founder Barefoot Ted, and our deep connection to the people in the Copper Canyons. After many years of building authentic connections with key community members, and with appreciation of the people, cultures and land that inspired us we are elated to support True Messages and their mindfully co-developed projects. Our initial focus will be on supporting the Busuréliame (Inner Awakening) Project. This important cultural education project is lead by Tarahumara visionary, leader, teacher, poet and recording artist, Makawi.

Raramuri or Tarahumara children face complex challenges which too often cause loss of connection with their culture, falling behind in school, and living in a cycle of poverty. The Inner Awakening Project aims to reconnect children to their cultural roots, to provide a stable foundation for them to grow, and allow them to learn the wisdom of their elders and teachers in a sustainable way led completely by the community. In this new cycle, the children will eventually become the teachers for the next generation. Curriculum includes: Reading and writing in Raramuri (there are currently NO textbooks in their own language), learning traditional music, dance, art, poetry, ceremonies, cultural history, mythology, playing traditional sports like Rarajipari (ball race), and much more. To read an in depth description of the project, click here!

To celebrate the launch of our partnership, LUNA Sandals will be matching up to $5,000 of donations through the month of March 2021!

“We are the Messengers and when the message we carry is of truth, peace, beauty and love, we will always have the strength to find our way home, on this, our beautiful Mother Earth” Micah True - El Caballo Blanco

Barefoot Ted is on the board of directors for True Messages, read his letter here!

You can read more about True Messages and their projects here! Be sure to give them a follow!

Watch the video below to hear from True Messages Founder Michael Miller with Barefoot Ted.

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