What? LUNA made a shoe? Not quite, it's the new TABU, a tabi bootie made with an MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) sole to mate perfectly with your MGT soled LUNAs. (sandals not included)

We searched high-and-low for a manufacturer and we found them in Japan, the home of the traditional footwear known as tabi. We have the first batch now in stock ready to sell.

The TABU has a water-resistant nylon outer shell and a thin cotton inner with a tough MGT sole. Size 11 weighs only 1.5 ounce per bootie. Perfect to carry along...if it gets too cold or wet or windy, bam, a little protection and warmth. It's strong enough to be a camp bootie and can even handle light-duty walk/running. A thru-hiker's dream, a comfort to trail ultra-marathoner's feet.

What does Barefoot Ted have to say about his awesome TABUs? Check out his video.

How to wear the TABU bootie? Easy.

Machine washable.



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