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Sandal Info

I'm new to barefoot/minimalist running. Do you have any advice or tips?

Check out this link to Barefoot Ted's "Introduction to Barefoot Running" - it is short and sweet: click here

Should I get a Pittards leather footbed or the MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) footbed?

The MGT footbed is non-slip rubber and is our best solution for non-slip in wet conditions. For a bit of extra comfort, foot molding ability, and odor/wetness absorption the Pittards of England goat leather specially tanned for outdoor use is the way to go.

How do the different laces compare?

Most people prefer our Performance Laces with a secure non elastic heel strap and a comfortable, thin, tubular webbing between the toes and tech straps. 

Our next most popular laces are Lifestyle Laces (Formerly known as ATS (All Terrain Strapping)) with an elasticized-leather heel strap, that is easy-slip-on-and-off-able with a comfortable, thin, tubular webbing between the toes and tech straps. Lifestyle laces are good for casual use.

All of our traditional sandals have traditional lace options, which provide great customizability and some serious style, but do take some getting used to for those new to huaraches. 

What do you recommend for winter running in LUNAs?

Depending on how intense your winter is: if it's dry, some wool or poly blend toe (or tabi) socks can keep your feet comfortable down to well below freezing. If it's really cold, or cold and wet, try some TABUs. You can also check out Polar Feet from Canada for some polar fleece solutions.

How long do LUNAs last?

Even though many LUNAtics put thousands of miles on their LUNAs, it is hard to give a definite lifetime. How a LUNA wears will vary from person to person, model to model depending on the intended use, gait, weight, load, terrain, running form, climate.

Are LUNA Sandals just for running?

While LUNA's have been used to run (and win!) many races, from 5k's to ultra marathons, we like to think of them as more of an adventure sandal (#adventuresandals) -- footwear in which you can run, walk, hike, play and adventure your way through life.

Tips & Troubleshooting

My laces are wearing out. How do I get new laces?

The Lifestyle/Performance/Elasticized laces have a general 90 day warranty. If the laces fail within 90 days, your sandals can be returned for a free (+ shipping) repair/replacement. Any Lifestyle/Performance/Elasticized lace that breaks outside of the 90 day window can be purchased from the Lace Replacement page. Attaching the Lifestyle/Performance/Elasticized laces requires special tools and know how, so your sandals must be returned to us in order to get new laces.

I am having some pain where the traditional laces in between my toes. Help!

Check out this video on in-between-the-toe discomfort.

How do I clean my LUNAs?

Any sandals with MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) footbeds can be washed by hand with soap and warm water. Anti-Odor sprays can also be found online or at your local fabric store. Rank Away™ Odor Eliminator works pretty darn well. Another unique way of cleaning MGT is using a couple "denture cleaning" tablets in a plastic bag filled with water. Sandals with our Pittards of England goat leather specially tanned for outdoor use are fairly water resistant, but we don't recommend washing with soap and water. Instead, try a damp cloth or leather cleaner. Check your local leather or fabric store for other leather cleaning solutions. Things NOT to do with your sandals: leave them in a hot car; leave them in the sun for extended periods of time; put them in the washing machine; wash them with bleach; leave your dog alone with them (mutts love laces!)

I'm having trouble adjusting my Lifestyle/Performance laces. Any advice?

The Lifestyle laces may require a few tweaks and adjustments over the course of your first few runs or walks. Don’t worry! Once you find the sweet spot, they feel like buttah.

Here’s how to adjust your Lifestyle laces - Make sure that you adjust your laces when they are OFF your foot!!

  • Much like the straps on a backpack, the edge of the buckle can be lifted to loosen your laces while the loose end of the lace can be pulled to tighten.
  • The buckle can also be slid up and down the strap coming through the toe hole for extra comfort.
  • If the heel strap is not secure, remove slack from the heel by pulling extra lace through the the ankle holes. Tighten the buckle to remove the extra slack created by tightening the heel strap.

More of a visual learner? Check out our YouTube Channel for these tips in video form and instructions .

How do I tie my traditional laces?

There are an infinite number of ways to tie traditional laces. Check out some of our favorite traditional lace tying methods on the LUNA YouTube Channel.

How to I tie LUNA Origen with Leather Laces?



How are LUNAs supposed to fit?

Follow our size chart to find our personal sizing recommendation based on the length of your feet. We generally prefer a close fit here at LUNA, but really there is no "right" size. Sizing is mostly a matter of preference; some people prefer a toes over edge fit, others prefer a little more wiggle room. Check out our Fan Photos on Facebook to see how other LUNA Monkeys prefer their fit.

Do LUNAs follow standard sizing?

Not always! Check out our size chart for precision sizing help and printable templates of each size.

I normally wear a size 10.5 and your sized chart suggests I get a size 9! What gives?

Because LUNAs are open ­air sandals, your feet can cover much more of the sandal’s surface without bumping into any upper material (i.e. the parts of a shoe that cover the toes, the top of the foot, etc). This often leads to relatively smaller sizes. Print out templates from our size chart it's the only way to be 100% sure before ordering.

Do you carry women’s sizes?

Our sandals are unisex. A men’s size 6 is a women’s 8, a men’s 6.5 is a women’s 8.5, and so on.



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Ambassadorship Program

Who can apply?

Authentic, inspirational individuals that are excited to promote the LUNA brand and the values we stand for. These self-experimenters will represent LUNA as unique role-models and spokespeople providing product insight on a grassroots level.

When can I apply?

You can submit applications at any time. We will review all applications in the months of June and December after our formal application period. We ask that you submit your application by May 31st or November 30th to be considered during our formal application process.

How long does the LUNA Ambassador program last?

All ambassadorships are valid for 1 year from acceptance.

If I am already a LUNA ambassador, do I have to reapply each year?

All ambassadors that would like to extend their ambassadorship through the next calendar year are required to reapply during the formal application period.

How will I know if I am selected to be an ambassador?

You'll be notified at the end of June or December, depending on when you applied.

Please keep in mind, we receive a high number of applications. Although we see all LUNAtics as valuable parts of our tribe, we will only be able to offer ambassadorships to a small number of applicants.