Origen with Traditional Laces

Origen Specs

Made in Seattle, USA.
Weight: 8.6 oz (single sandal, men's size 9)
Thickness: 13MM
Sole: Upcycled Tire Outsole
Vibram® Midsole
Laces: 3/8" x 72" Traditional Leather Laces 
LUNA Sandals - Vibram MoreflexLUNA SandalsLUNA Sandals - Seattle Made

The finest traditional-style tire tread huarache LUNA sandals are now available. Refined simplicity...the outcome of over a decade of continuous sandal making, experimentation and production.

The best? Yes!

The Sole. We sandwich a super comfortable and lightweight Vibram® USA Morflex® mid-sole between a premium "cut-to-our-specs" up-cycled rubber tire tread outsole and an MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) footbed.

We've created the most rugged, comfortable and long-lasting footbed imaginable. 

The fundamental part of any great huarache sandal is a rugged, long-lasting and comfortable footbed. Next, one needs the most durable yet supple leather laces.

The Laces. Our USA-sourced leather laces are the finest available. 

Warning: Wearing traditional LUNAs definitely requires more time and skill to tie than wearing our modern line of Performance LUNAs, but many of our customers love the idea of wearing a traditionally laced sandal and are willing to make the commitment to learning the skill. Can you master the skill?

The Cause. We offer this traditional sandal as a way of paying homage to the relationship that sparked our company. The friendship that started with Barefoot Ted and Manuel Luna in 2006 has been the genesis of an entire movement in footwear. LUNA Sandals has been at the forefront of the movement from the beginning. 

As a way of extending a deeply felt gratitude back to the Canyons where this union started, we donate a share of the profits of our traditional LUNAs to the Manuel Luna Education Fund with the goal of providing educational resources to the children of the Canyons.




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