Buckle Replacement

Buckle replacements are for 5/8" Leather Laces that currently have the traditional bow closure option. If you would like to update your laces to use the buckle instead, choose this option. When the buckle is installed, we have to trim the laces. You will likely not be able to re-tie the bow once the laces have been trimmed.

Please keep in mind, BUCKLES WILL NOT BE SENT TO YOU: you must send your sandals in for a buckle replacement

*You will be responsible for return shipping and will be charged $4.95 for shipping at checkout. 

*Please rinse and dry your sandals prior to sending them back to us. 

Our address:

C/O: LUNA Sandals

817 5th Ave N

Seattle, WA 98109 LUNA Sandals - City Silhouette

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