Why Sell LUNA?

LUNAs are outdoor sandals, used for hiking, running, and just about any adventure you can imagine.
Our sandal collection represents the best fruits of our experiences and experiments with old-school footwear and gleanings from insights that we have gathered from both our ancestors and our customers. Through small-scale, sustainable production, we give a growing audience a chance to try what we consider to be fine minimalist adventure and running sandals that happen to also be great everyday footwear.

How are LUNAs different from other outdoor sandal brands?

There are a lot of industry leading design features of a LUNA that sets it apart from other brands both in terms of its simplicity but most importantly its performance. Here are some of the most important features that make LUNAs so special.

A genuine, unique brand story.

Our founder & president "Barefoot Ted" been been at the very "core" of minimalist footwear boom starting in 2006 and reaching peak intensity after the massive best selling book "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall was released. Since then LUNA has become synonymous with an authentic minimalist brand driven by quality and FEEL. We strive to make the best adventure outdoor running hiking playing living walking sandals money can buy.

Innovative & Leading Design

Our design principles have created a whole new category: the simple sandal. We like to find the perfect balance between the "least-amount-that-works-the-best" AND is the best. So every design goes though its own vetting process. 

Like surfers making surfboards, we are deeply involved in the process of creation of our sandals. We go by feel, experience and feedback. And like surfers, we know you need a different platform for different conditions or different desires of FEEL.

Ease of use

With our "Winged" models we've created a super easy slip-on-able design that still has all the infinite adjustability that comes from one continuous loop of material that starts from between the toes and loops all the way around to the side buckle. And the slide buckle itself is part of our fame. Unique to LUNA, it adjusts the tightness of the top strap AND also allows for movement of the placement of the buckle on the top of the foot.


Impeccable Material Quality

Quality matters to us. And we obsess on every detail. That's why we use custom  designed Vibram® soles made to our specs.

We've also developed our own tubular webbing and our own formula for our non-slip footbed material. We are always on the look out for better ways to do our sandals and our customers know. Yet we also keep our most classic designs true to their original FEEL and look.

We are driven by QUALITY of the materials, of the craftsmanship, of the process and of the life of our employees and ourselves. We like to have fun and get shit done adding value all along the way.

Forms to Feet

    One endlessly and enduringly loved about our top selling Vibram Morflex® soled sandals is how they FORM TO THE FOOT when you wear them. This feature makes the sandals conform perfectly to the customers OWN foot and turns the entire world into hard packed sand.