Refer a Retailer to Carry LUNAs!

LUNA is actively seeking new retailers both internationally and at home. We are also interested in finding experienced sales reps . Our new Factory in  Seattle has allowed us to increase our production enough to supply our distributors and retailers throughout the world and still have room to grow. 2016 is proving to be a very important year for LUNA . It's the year of the Monkey !

Perhaps you know of an outdoor retail shop that should be carrying LUNA s: perhaps your local running store, hiking depot or urban outdoor supplier. Now is a great time to let them know about LUNA . Proudly made in Seattle, USA.

To help us grow, and make up to 1000 Monkey Points (worth $100, if we get an account), please help us by sending us leads for retailers through the form here or sending an email to or calling 855-586-2726.

LUNA Retailer Referral Form
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