LUNA Ambassador - Majo Srnik

LUNA Ambassador - Majo Srnik

LUNA Ambassador - Majo Srnik

Hometown: Velky Krtis / Slovakia 

Currently lives in: Calgary, Alberta

Core activity: UltraRunning

Can otherwise be found: Mountain biking, Skimo, climbing, cycling...basically everything thats human powered. 

What tip would you give to someone just getting into UltraRunning? 

The majority of ultra runners are focused on racing. In reality, the training is actually the bigger part of the picture, try to enjoy it as much as you can. Make it fun for yourself. Don't take it too seriously in the beginning. 

Set your goals scary, but realistic. 

Fun fact: I was born with a Slovakian accent. 

Fell in love with Ultra Running: After reading the book Born To Run, I was inspired to run long distances. 

Favorite places: Mountains of any kind. I love traveling to countries with mountains. Candian rockies and alps, and high tatras. I feel good in the mountains. I don't care about the beach. 

Loves to eat: Slovakian food. Food that is proper to locations of my travel. Food of every kind. 

Go-to LUNA Sandal Model: LUNA Origen and Mono 2.0. These models cover all my needs. 

Most epic LUNA adventure: Definitely visiting Raramuri land and being able to run ancient trails in my LUNA Origens with Barefoot Ted and the LUNA Sandals team. Every time I'm running in Rocky Mountains in LUNAs it becomes a great adventure what I am enjoying very much. 

Pets: Two labs 

Met LUNA: Through the book Born To Run. 

Once I found barefoot running is the way for me, becoming friends with Barefoot Ted basically sealed the deal. Looking backwards, LUNA is the best and simplest footwear you can put on your feet. 

Three wishes: World peace, food for everyone on the planet, I wish people would appreciate Mother Earth more than they do. 

Superstitions:  Don’t walk under an open ladder. Hate when Black cats cross the road in front of me. I don’t wear race t-shirts before I finish the race. 

Loves LUNA because: I love LUNA Sandals because of many reasons, its almost too much to write in a short article. I am deeply inspired by Taramuhara nation and I am super thankful to Barefoot Ted to reinvent ancient technology and bring it to the modern world so all of us can enjoy it on a daily basis. 

Bucket list items: To keep integrity, stick to your word. Continue with finding inspiration in human powered endurance sports, not only running...something you can put your heart and soul into it and accomplish a big goal. 

Spirit animal: When I went to Copper Canyon I was hoping someone would point that out to me, and that didn’t happen so I am still searching...

Childhood dream occupation: I was lost somewhere a Garbage man and a Space man.

Follow on Instagram: @majocalgary