June 06, 2018 1 min read

"Massasoit, it will be remembered, was the Wampanoag sachem [leader] first to visit the Pilgrims at Plymouth in 1621, and then became and continued their firm friend. The treaty of peace and mutual defence, made between him and the whites, was carefully observed for above fifty years, and was an important factor in the prosperity of the colony." History of North Brookfield, Massachusetts. Preceded by an account of old Quabaug, Indian and English occupation, 1647-1676; Brookfield records, 1686-1783

What is Massasoit's connection to LUNA? It's an interesting story that I was amazed to discover.

LUNA Monos and Venados are made with Vibram® soles manufactured in the USA by a company called Quabaug Corporation of North Brookfield, Massachusetts. Quabaug is both the name of a tribe of Indians that Massasoit was the leader and it's the name of the village that Massasoit spent the last years of his life.

It is through Massasoit's help that the early Pilgrims survived. Sadly, over time, his lands were taken and the very village he spent his last years in became a boot making center and still to this day boot sole manufacturing continues. How ironic.

LUNA is playing a small role in bringing back the simple sandal and attempting to revive the thoughtful, peace-loving ways of Massasoit. May his kindness and generosity be a reminder that the greatest riches in this world flow from the heart and are not contained in things or in the ownership of property.


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