Tyler Tomasello

LUNA Sandals Ambassador - Tyler TomaselloLUNA Sandals Ambassador - Tyler Tomasello

LUNA Sandals Ambassador - Tyler Tomasello

Hometown: Winter Park, CO 

Currently lives in: Winter Park, CO 

Core activities: Running/Living

Can otherwise be found: When I am not hitting the trails I can be found at the skatepark, playing in the bowls with old friends, or even behind my camera capturing moments that happen around us. 

What tip would you give to someone just getting into (insert core activity)? Just have fun, this is a tip that stretches beyond the world of running. When you just focus on having fun and being in the moment, there so no limit to what you can do. 

Fun fact: I am a photographer and Race Director of the Hideaway Trail Run.

Fell in love with running: Running through the forests and in the mountains, has always been my way of getting away. At my job I work a lot, so getting out on the trails with nature, gives me a feeling of being at home. The smells of pine trees, the way the dirt feels between my toes, and the way the wind cools the sweat on my body are just some of the things that made fall in love with running.  

Favorite places: My favorite places on Earth that I have been to is such a hard question, but the Copper Canyons of Mexico definitely tops the list, the trails and scenery are beautiful, but the community is what keeps me coming back. 

Go-to LUNA Sandal Model: Mono with traditional leather laces will always be my favorite, comfort and speed. The monos are where its at. 

Superstitions: Everyday I wear a Milagro. An old Mexican tradition, a milagro is a small silver charm that is in the shape of a body part it is to protect. I wear a leg around my neck everyday, and to this day have never had problems or injuries with my legs.. 

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