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LUNA Sizing
Once you've determined your size, you can double check it by clicking the corresponding Printer Icon and printing out a template.
When printing our copyrighted PDF templates,  make sure the "Scale" in the Print Window is set to 100% or the template won't be accurate.
If using the Chrome browser, make sure the  "Fit to page" checkbox is  UNCHECKED.
After you print out the template, also double check the scale by comparing a ruler to the ruler that prints on the template.
Toes should be close to edge, but not hang over. Want our opinion? Send a photo of your foot on the template
The biggest issue people have is not having the template accurately printed, so double check twice. ;-)


(Centimeters) Your Foot LUNA Mens LUNA Womens the actual width of our sandal in centimeters Print
21.9 - 22.2 4 6 9.2 Printer-icon
22.3 - 22.6 4.5 6.5 9.4 Printer-icon
22.7 - 23 5 7 9.6 Printer-icon
23.1 - 23.5 5.5 7.5 9.8 Printer-icon
23.6 - 23.9 6 8 10 Printer-icon
24.0 - 24.3 6.5 8.5 10.2 Printer-icon
24.4 - 24.7 7 9 10.4 Printer-icon
24.8 - 25.2 7.5 9.5 10.55 Printer-icon
25.3 - 25.6 8 10 10.7 Printer-icon
25.7 - 26.0 8.5 10.5 10.85 Printer-icon
26.1 - 26.4 9 11 11 Printer-icon
26.5 - 26.8 9.5 11.5 11.15 Printer-icon
26.9 - 27.3 10 12 11.35 Printer-icon
27.4 - 27.7 10.5 12.5 11.5 Printer-icon
27.8 - 28.1 11 13 11.7 Printer-icon
28.2 - 28.5 11.5 13.5 11.85 Printer-icon
28.6 - 29.0 12 14 12 Printer-icon
29.1 - 29.4 12.5 14.5 12.2 Printer-icon
29.5 - 30.1 13 15 12.4 Printer-icon


LUNAcito Sizes

Length LUNAcito Sizes Print
19cm K12
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