Patrick Sweeney

LUNA Sandals Ambassador - Patrick SweeneyLUNA Sandals Ambassador - Patrick SweeneyLUNA Sandals Ambassador - Patrick Sweeney

Hometown: Manhattan Beach CA

Currently lives in: Today Las Vegas tomorrow Canyonlands National Park the day after Leadville. No permanent residence.

Core activities: Trotting around.

Can otherwise be found: Cooking veggies with the sun, Disc Golf.

What tip would you give to someone just getting into “trotting around”? 

Make it fun and do it as much as you can.

Fun fact: My first day wearing Luna's was while crewing Badwater, I ended up running 42 miles in them that day.

Loves to eat: Vegan BBQ veggie pizza

Go-to LUNA Sandal Model: Mono 2.0 

Most epic LUNA adventure:  I ran across the country once.

Pets: none.  I love animals but keeping one in captivity I find to be a selfish act.

Met LUNA: I met Ted during a 100km race back in 2009, I got my first Lunas!

Bucket list items: Comrades Ultra marathon

Spirit animal: I am the bastard child of the animal kingdom. You think they would know who mom was but they don’t.

Follow on Instagram: @sweeneydoes