Limited Edition Mono and Venado Pittards

The natural feel of supple, yet durable Pittards world class leather has been a trusted favorite among LUNAtics for years. Now it is back for a limited time for both the Mono 2.0 & Venado 2.0. This ridiculously high quality footbed is perfect for hiking, running & adventuring in dry places, or hanging out around town. Both models are made with a Vibram Morflex outsole, which forms quickly to your foot, and only gets more comfortable with use.

Looking for something water friendly? Check out our Mono 2.0 or Venado 2.0 with the classic MGT footbed, or customize a pair!

This sandal turns the urban concrete world into hard-packed clay playground. 


Made in Seattle, USA.
Mono Weight: 5.9oz (single sandal, men's size 9)
Venado Weight: 4.4oz  (single sandal, men's size 9)
Mono Thickness:  11MM base + 4MM tread height
Venado Thickness: 9mm
Mono Sole:  Non-Marking Vibram® Morflex Sole
Venado Sole:  Vibram® 
Footbed: Tan Pittards
Laces: Performance Laces 2.0 *Patented

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