Injinji Nu-Wool Toe Socks

**Injinji sizing corresponds to your normal shoe size (not LUNA size)**

For USA customers only. Injinji requests that we only sell in the USA. 

After testing many other styles and types of socks, Injinji Nu-Wool Toe Socks are consistently the socks that we reach for in the drawer when heading out for a mountain ultra marathon or any cold and wintry adventure. 

These are the Injinji Nu-wool mid weight mini-crewOUTDOOR series toe socks made from Australian Merino Wool. They are super comfy, have a great fit, and will surely keep your feet nice and toasty in the cold and wet weather.


LUNA Sandals won't be able to ship Injinji socks to customers outside of the US. If an international order comes in, we will have to let you know about it and give you a full refund for that line item.

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