How to tie your Rooted Brujitas? click here

Rooted Brujita Slip-On Sandals
Brujita means “Little Witch” in Spanish.
Rooted refers to the traditional leather laces
and tying method used to secure the sandal.
This undeniably good-looking, traditionally styled sandal
is comfortable enough to wear all day
yet elegant enough to look good out on the town
= comfortable fashion. No small feat to achieve.
Combine both qualities and you have
the Rooted Brujita sandal.

The Rooted Brujita is like all other LUNA Roots and Rooted sandals,
i.e., it takes a tiny bit of skill to master wearing them;
however, it is a surprisingly easy skill to master
and it gives you so much more control over the comfort
of the sandal on “your” foot.
If you follow the “How To Tie LUNA Roots Sandals” videos,
you will soon master it for yourself.