Born to Run Extravaganza Gift Package

Size Guide

Every May since 2011, Sheriff Louis Escobar (yup, El Coyote from Born to Run) has been directing a running event that is like no other: The Born to Run Ultra Extravaganza (see

This year nearly 1000 intrepid folks showed up to run and party for 4 days on a private ranch in Los Olivos, California. This year's LUNA Bandito was designed specifically for the event and is a "limited edition" run. It will be the perfect addition to all your own well-deserved, spectacular summer adventure extravaganzas. 

Along with the Bandito, we will include a seriously "limited edition" "Running Man with Mountains and Moon" amulet handmade by Tracy and Sally of Marvelous Mud. 

We want you to use these gifts to up the game on your total LUNAfication while seeking the pure joy of flow all summer long.