Michelle Barton

LUNA Sandals Ambassador - Michelle Barton

LUNA Sandals Ambassador - Michelle Barton

LUNA Sandals Ambassador - Michelle Barton

Hometown: Laguna Niguel, CA

Currently lives in: Laguna Niguel, CA

Core activities: UltraRunning

Can otherwise be found: Mountain biking, swimming

What tip would you give to someone just getting into running? Aim for the sweet spot, select a training plan and finishing time goal that are a little outside your comfort zone. Set your goals and sights high enough so you don’t always reach them.

You should push yourself beyond your limits and sometimes fail to hit your hardest training sessions. This is growth-promoting stress that will help you continually improve. Select a race that inspires you. Keep it fun and fresh. Run FREE!

Fun fact: loves Coffee way too much and runs faster when hair is looooong! 

Fell in love with running: I got into my love for the mountains from doing a lot of week long backpacking trips to Yosemite with my Dad when I was young. I got into running Ultras in 2002 when my Dad ran his first 50k. Love to be moving in nature outside in the mountains and feel the wind on my feet in LUNA's. 

Favorite places: Canadian Rockies (Alberta) and Yosemite (Tuolumne Meadows, CA)

Loves to drink: Coffee and Red Bull

Go-to LUNA Sandal Model: LUNA Mono 2.0

Most epic LUNA adventure: When Barefoot Ted and Irem invited the LUNA Sandals ambassadors to Copper Canyon Mexico to run the Caballo Blanco 50 mile with Raramuris. EPIC. Can’t wait to go back!!

Met LUNA: Barefoot Ted reached out to me 2.5 years ago and ask if I would like to run in LUNA’s. I was eager to run in LUNA’s.

Three wishes: For my family and friends to always have excellent health. To stay injury free so I can run forever and never be sidelined, to have unlimited airline travel at my fingertips to travel the world and run in a lot of different countries and explore Canada more.

Loves LUNA because: I love to run in Luna Sandals because a run in Lunas is automatically more fun. Its nice to feel the wind at your feet and run through streams and water without a care.

Bucket list items: Racing in Europe UTMB, TDG, running a 200 miler MOAB, running the John Muir Trail. 

Spirit animal: Mermaid-Cheetah

Childhood dream occupation: Guitar and dance choreographer

Follow on Instagram: @michellembarton