Made in Seattle

LUNA Sandals - Designed Created Tested Assembled and Made in Seattle


We are proud to be making every single pair of LUNAs right here in our shop 3 blocks from the Space Needle. Seattle is a city that represents innovation and opportunity and we are honored to be a part of that cultural momentum. The broader footwear manufacturing industry left the United States decades ago primarily in search of cheap labor, and we love being a part of a resurgence of American Made products that have a focus on quality and community. Your LUNA Sandals are created, designed, tested, assembled, and made by our tribe, our family, our people, here in Seattle. We don’t have to wonder how they are being treated, if they are being paid fairly, or what they are doing to the environment around them. They are right here, they are us, we talk and work and play together.

We may not have complete control over every single aspect of our supply chain, but we do our best to ensure the raw materials that go into our sandals are the highest quality, most ethical choice, and whenever possible sourced here in the U.S.

The bottom line is: we are proud of what we do and the sandals we produce.
And we hope you are proud to be a part of this little community we call LUNA Sandals.
LUNA Sandals Team
We welcome you to our tribe and very happy to have you as a part of our great story.


 LUNA Sandals is a proud member of Seattle Made.