How to Make Your Custom Footprint

Making your footprint for custom sandals from Jules Smuin on Vimeo.

After you placed an order for custom LUNA Sandals, trace your feet using the instructions in the video below.

Be sure to:

  • Mark your toe hole between your first and second toes. Put this mark  as far back as possible against the webbing in the space between your toes.
  • Mark straight down from the  center of your ankle bones  (even though the video says in front).
  • Include an  8 inch or 20 cm marked line in the middle of your footprint so we can scale the tracing properly.
  • Mark  each inch or cm along the line and please  be accurate with your marks.
  • It is best to draw this line with a fine (but dark) pen or a pencil so we can more accurately scale the tracing.

Also be sure to write inside of the footprint:

  • Order number
  • Name used on the order and name of person whose foot it is (if they are different)
  • The date your order was placed

Scan the paper tracing.  DO NOT take a picture of your tracing -- photos skew the footprint, leading to inaccurately made sandals.

You may also send your feet tracings by:

Fax: 855-586-2726

Email: (preferably as a PDF)

The LUNA Sandals
817 5th Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109