Crista Scott

LUNA Sandals Ambassador - Crista Scott

LUNA Sandals Ambassador - Crista Scott

Hometown: Ventura, CA

Currently lives in: Newbury Park, CA

Core activities: Trail Running 

Can otherwise be found: Backpacking/hiking, designing, cooking

What tip would you give to someone just getting into Trail Running? Do it for the love of being outside and challenging yourself, first and foremost! And when in doubt - smile and take it one step at a time.

Fun fact: Founder / Designer of Dirtbag Runners

Fell in love with trail running: My best friend Michelle (another Luna ambassador!) bought me the book Born To Run in 2010. We read it and loved it / got into wearing Luna's. We started off camping, then graduated to backpacking, and then fell in love with trail running. Now, we do a big mix of it all!

Favorite places: Yosemite, Havasupai Falls, Grand Canyon

Loves to eat: Avocados and sauerkraut!

Pets: Mini-dauchshund / yorkie mix named Penny

Met LUNA: In 2011 at the Born To Run Ultramarathon - bought my first pair of Luna's then and life has been forever changed!

Loves LUNA because: Best-fitting footwear of my entire life! I LOVE Luna because they last triple the amount of time a normal pair of shoes does, and the fit is perfect!

Spirit animal: Owl :)