BFT's special DIY Mono Kit

Like surfers making surfboards, we make LUNAs. It is a process, a flow. It constantly evolves. Refinements are added. Breakthroughs in design occur. Always striving for the simplest solution that works well.

For me, the goal is to find a sandal that has all of the benefits of simplicity, functionality and style. Luckily for me, I am always wearing my favorite LUNA.

Lately, I have been experimenting with a new DIY kit idea that is super simple, yet creates an awesome sandal that is easy to wear.


Here it is:

My favorite DIY project and one of my favorite LUNAs is this LUNA Mono with black leather lace and a tech strap! Great combination of old and new school sandal technology. At this time, in order to make it, you need to combine several different LUNA extras. I've made it easy. Use menu below, but first determine your size ( click here). No special tools required. 

This kit comes complete with a LUNA Mono MGT footbed (your size or uncut), a pair of 36" x 3/8" leather laces and a pair of patent pending Tech Straps (your size). See "how to" video below.

Total cost is $59 in the USA with free shipping. All  USA materials.

Click here to order.


  BFT's special DIY Mono

  Mick Dodge tries a pair ;-)

  Here's what the kit comes with: Pair of Mono MGT soles (your size), pair of 36" x 3/8th" black leather lace (top quality used since 2009) and a pair of patent-pending Tech Straps

How to make your DIY Mono sandal - quick and simple instructions on how to tie and how to wear BFT's special DIY Mono.