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LUNA Ambassadors

What are we looking for in a LUNA Ambassador:

LUNA is looking for authentic, inspirational individuals that are excited to promote the LUNA brand and the values we stand for. These self-experimenters will represent LUNA as unique role-models and spokespeople providing product insight on a grassroots level. For more information about the LUNA Ambassador program, please see our FAQ.

You can submit applications at any time. We will review all applications in the months of June and December after our formal application period. We ask that you submit your application by May 31st or November 30th to be considered during our formal application process.

Responsibilities of a LUNA Ambassador:

  • Connect with your community about your experiences with LUNA and proudly display that you are a LUNA ambassador
  • Maintain an online presence through blogs, social media, website, etc.
  • Contribute to the LUNA Blog w/ race reports, photos, adventures, events, etc.
  • Wear LUNA gear while competing and adventuring
  • Promote LUNA. Your love of LUNA and our products should be demonstrated both on and offline. Ambassadors are passionate about LUNA and are spokespeople for the LUNA brand
  • Accompany the LUNA crew for special events, expos, races
  • Provide product feedback: we want to know about the models and features you love and what we can improve on.

    What you get as a LUNA Ambassador:

    • Profile page on our website with your bio and highlights of your accomplishments
    • Insider news and updates
    • Opportunity to test the newest models and creations
    • Free sandals/LUNA gear
    • Discounts for friends and family
    • Free entry for a variety of races and events
    • Other informal benefits based on personal needs and goals
    • Represent LUNA as part of a crew of elite athletes and adventurers

      Please fill out our application form below and it will be reviewed during our next application review period. Please keep in mind, we receive a high number of applications. Although we see all LUNAtics as valuable parts of our tribe, we will only be able to offer ambassadorships to a small number of applicants. 

      LUNA Ambassador Application
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      5. Briefly describe your history with LUNA and why you're choosing to to be a potential LUNA Ambassador: *
      6. Tell us about your background in athletics and/or your adventure experiences: *
      7. What are your athletic goals or adventure plans for the upcoming year and what role will LUNA play in achieving these goals? *
      8. Describe your accomplishments over the past year that you think we should know about: *
      9. What is your most epic outdoor adventure/accomplishment to date? *
      10. What makes you come alive?
      11. What's your favorite LUNA sandal and why? *
      12. Describe how you will promote LUNA (social media, in your own community, etc): *
      13. Online Presence (Please list social media handles, websites, blogs, etc): *
      14. Are you a sponsored athlete/ambassador for another company? *
      15. If so, who?
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