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LUNA Roots Sandals are for people who are excited about experimenting with this time tested traditional huarache sandal style. Remember, it takes time and skill to tie and get used to this type of footwear. How to tie your Roots?  click here 


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How to Tie Roots Sandals
LUNA Sandals Roots Builder
LUNA Sandals Roots Builder
LUNA Sandals Roots Builder


Barefoot Ted here. Quick story to share. The Roots Sandal Builder has been a dream of mine for over 10 years. Now it is here!

From the earliest days of LUNA Sandals in a garage in Seattle, I have dreamed of an online place where in realtime you could step-by-step build the perfect huarache-style sandal. The Roots Builder allows this. The steps are simple and fun.

What does "Roots" mean? LUNA Roots #lunaroots sandals are crafted by hand in our own factory here in the USA. We obsess on finding the finest materials and making the highest quality sandals. We love what we do and you'll notice the difference.


How to tie your Roots?  click here 

The main choices you have are: 
Outsole - the material that touches the ground. 
Footbed - this is the material on the top of the sandal that your foot touches.
Lace Styles - Slip-On laces or Multi-Wrap laces. Both now come with plugs!
Tech Strap - available on sandals with Slip-On laces.
Color - pick the color of laces and tech strap.


As many of you know, in 2006 I ventured down into the Copper Canyons of Mexico to participate in a now famous footrace with some of the greatest indigenous mountain runners in the world, the famed Tarahumara. The book "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall gave many in the world their first deep glimpse of these people and their amazing running skills and their distinctive footwear, the simple huarache sandals.

Upon my return, I started experimenting with making my own simple sandals using the huarache as my launching point. By 2007, I had returned to the Copper Canyons to see if I could complete the 50 mile course in my own sandals. My success launched a footwear revolution. The "barefoot shoe" craze began and many jumped on the bandwagon.

LUNA Sandals is the outcome of all that experimenting and fun. We feel like surfers making surfboards. We enjoy turning others onto the simple joy of running and living in sandals, and we make them in a way that makes us proud. You'll feel the difference. #lunaroots


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    David B.
    United States United States

    One of 2 best running sandals that I own (BTW: the other one is a Luna!)

    The most comfortable running experience I have had in years. My feet were very very happy. And when my feet are happy I can fully concentrate on my running mechanics and form. Wonderful! I have been training in the Berkeley hills (1000 plus ft climbs, uneven pavement, dirt paths, etc.). I routinely run 8 to 15 miles in these sandals without ANY foot or ankle discomfort or blistering. Recovery? What recovery. Ready to go the next day as fresh as the first. Amazing. Thanks!!!!

    United States United States

    Great For Anything

    I've really enjoyed these sandals. As a purist at heart, I love the simplicity of rubber and leather becoming footwear that can be used in a variety of environments. These sandals get better with age! The more you use them the more they become part of you. I'm a middle distance runner and these sandals have been perfect for any run in my training so far.

    Jonah B.
    United States United States

    Sandals are awesome and exchanges aren’t a headache!!!

    I did an exchange to get these sandals, and read on the website that it is a very easy and straightforward process. I’m often skeptical of how easy an exchange will really be and this was my first time doing so with LUNA Sandals. I was blown away at how easy it actually was! I wrote them and asked if I could do an exchange, noted that the sandals had not really been worn, sent them back and they sent me what I wanted. That was it, no issues, no headaches, just one pair of really awesome sandals! I love this company!

    Ian R.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    A different Luna experience.

    I bought my first Lunas in 2014. A pair of Leadville Trails that I wore paper-thin across the sole in hundreds of miles of running and walking. I’m doing the same to my Leadville Gordos. Brilliant! So this is my third pair and these are for summer walking and combining with clothing that is more formal, rather than running gear. I love the opportunity to choose so many aspects of the design: sole, footbed, lace colour etc. They are so minimal and stylish that they have drawn a lot of attention. They’re gradually forming themselves around my feet and are more comfortable every time I slip them on. I wouldn’t try to run far in them, particularly in the wet (but that’s why I’ve got the Leadvilles). I like the simplicity of the single-wrap laces and they are very comfortable but my one reservation is that the heels tend to slip down while walking, no matter what ingenuity I bring to tying the laces. I could add an ankle strap but I feel that it would spoil the look of them. Maybe next time I’ll go for the multi-wrap style and I’d probably recommend that to anyone reading this review. However, overall, these are terrific sandals and unlike anything else out there.

    Mike S.
    United States United States

    Luna Roots -- Awesome!!

    Purchased in summer of 2019 and have been wearing them everywhere. Ran in the mountains in New Mexico and were stable, no issues, and comfortable. Great sandals!! Thank you!