Mono Gordo 2.0

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Mono Gordo 2.0 Specs

Made in Seattle, USA.
Weight: 8.5 oz (single sandal, men's size 9)
Thickness: 15 MM base + 4MM tread height
Sole Non-Marking  Vibram® Morflex Sole
Laces: Performance Laces 2.0 *Patented
Vegan: Yes
LUNA Sandals - Vibram Morflex LUNA SandalsLUNA Sandals - Seattle Made

The Mono Gordo 2.0 (means fat in Spanish) is that thick cush ride you've been looking for. Bring a piece of "portable ground" with you to take the edge off those sharp rocks on long trails, as a recovery sandal after your race, or to kick around town in comfort. For the thickest, moldable LUNA, go with the Mono Gordo 2.0.



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Ahmad S.


Overall the sandal was nice and it suits me well. One thing to look into is the soft support behind the heel (performance laces). It shifted in wet / muddy condition and if not paying attention to it, the heel skin will blister and limit your movement / performance. The sandal was tested during ultra TMMT race in tropical weather condition.

John G.
United States

Great sandals...!

I genuinely am very happy with my Mono Gordo 2.0’s. I find them very comfortable as everyday sandals. I plan to take them backpacking and see how they do on the trails. I found out about the 2.0’s after watching videos of an attorney who hiked the entire Appalachian Trail in 2018 wearing them the entire way. Not as a camp shoe, but used on all 2189 miles of trail. He went through four pairs but that’s as good or better performance than most trail runners people are wearing these days. Well done Luna!


suitable for running in urban environments.

Before this model I ran in venado 2.0, according to my feelings for running on hard surfaces (concrete, asphalt), the sole is too thin and after an hour of running, there was a feeling that you were running barefoot. This model Mono Gordo 2.0 is more suitable for running in urban environments. I thank the creators of Luna, for your creativity.

Blaise W.
United States


My wife has advocated for the lunas for years. Now it's a family tradition. They're fantastic.

Chris West

Small but valuable improvements

This is my fourth pair of Lunas and my first pair of Mono Gordos. I have always worn Leadville Pacers and this is my first purchase in four years. The first thing I have noticed is the improvement in the back heal strap, far more comfortable and grippy than the original strap. I have been wearing them without the tech strap and would only use the tech strap if I was running in them. I have purchased the Gordos for a back-packing trip to India and I can't believe how comfortable they are to walk around in with the additional thickness in the base. After wearing Leadville Pacers for many years the Gordos feel positively bouncy! The new strap tightener also makes it make easier to make adjustments. Great to deal with a a company that is always making refinements to improve their products. I would highly recommend the Gordos to anyone who is going to spend most of the day on their feet.