Origen 2.0

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Origen 2.0 Specs

Made in Seattle, USA.
Weight: 8.6 oz (single sandal, men's size 9)
Thickness: 13MM
Sole: Non-Marking Upcycled Tire Outsole
Vibram® Midsole
Laces: Premium Leather Laces or  Performance Laces 2.0 *Patented
Vegan: Yes (Performance Laces only)
LUNA Sandals - Vibram MoreflexLUNA SandalsLUNA Sandals - Seattle Made

True to our roots, the Origen 2.0 uses an upcycled tire tread as the outsole and a Vibram midsole,  creating an earth friendly, ultra-durable, and ruggedly comfortable platform to launch you out into the world, ready for nearly any urban or trail adventure.

LUNA Sandals - City Silhouette



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    Patrick G.
    United States

    Option Without Wings

    So far I have run eight runs, four miles each (32 miles total), in these sandals. Most of the runs have been on wet and dry trails, but on roads as well. I have also worn them weightlifting (squats, leg presses, calf raises), hiked in them, gardened in them, and worn them casually. Having run in minimalist/barefoot shoes since 2010, these felt heavy and stiff initially. They flopped around, and I even tripped once when the front end caught the ground. It took around 20-24 miles or so to dial in the laces. Sometimes they felt too tight and sometimes loose. Sometimes the rear part of the strap kept sliding down. Sometimes my foot felt too forward and sometimes too far back. The extra straps were helpful in keeping my foot in place. Now I can slide in and out of the sandals without much effort. I still use the extra straps for runs, but take them off for everything else. Every now and then the straps need a little adjustment, but for the most part I don’t have to do too much. After 32 miles of running, the sandals are a little more flexible, and the footbed has ever so slight hints of beginning to form around my foot. Mostly it appears still flat, and not much wear at all on the bottom. I appreciate how the straps are sunken in on the bottom, so I don’t have to worry about them getting worn out underneath like other sandals I’ve run in with similar lacing. I chose these because I wanted something that provided a little more protection when running on rocks, and it was the only thicker model that didn’t have the new wings. I was worried the wings would rub and cause blisters underneath my ankles, on the inside of my foot, like other sandal brands with similar technology. I knew the old lacing system would work for me so I stuck with it. I would have liked to have something a little lighter, but the sole on these seem pretty solid and will probably last a while. And I think that over time they’ll form more to my feet. I also like that they are flat, so they don’t mess with my running form.

    James M.
    United States

    Thanks Again for a great pair of sandals!

    Awesome! This is my fourth pair over the past six years. Luna sandals actually make me feel happy. It is weird, but when I put them on my feet my whole attitude changes, I feel happy, and get into this total forward-thinking and very positive state of mind. Thanks! Jim in Arizona

    Edgar O.
    United States

    Great Sandals

    These are the best Luna's I've had. I bought a pair of Mono and Oso, they were good but I feel these are stronger when I run under trail conditions. The laces are more comfortable especially on the heel. Greetings from Guadalajara México!

    Luke H.
    United States

    The Luna Origen 2.0

    I had thought Origen was an archaic spelling of origin until my curiosity was peaked by an email offering an opportunity to review my recent purchase. I looked it up. It turns out Origen was an early Christian Theologian. Interesting indeed. I'd like to delve deeper into the mystery of the man behind the sandals. (that's a layered statement) people who wear Jordan's, know of the man. Same with other stars and the product the sponsor bearers name is attached. But Mr. Origen I do not know. Who is he? What were his ideas? Does what he said resonate with me? Does it matter that his name is on my feet? Why is he associated with used tires and leather straps? Mysteries are truly abound. As far as the sandals go these seem like a solid pair. The rubber seems like it's more solid than other pairs and won't easily tear at the side holes. The toe hole is recessed deeply into the tire rubber and set on the softer footbed, which may be easier to rip than the tire rubber allowing the plug to pull through the hole. It's only been a few weeks, maybe a month, since I've gotten these and my feet have made a comfortable impression into the footbed. They feel just as good as any Luna sandal I've ever worn. Why do I like Luna sandals? I don't know. I just feel comfortable wearing them, even with my toes exposed in the cold. Maybe there's an element of suggestion that leads to a preference of Lunas over any other footwear. I don't know. I don't know why I continue to fork over 100s of dollars for a slab of rubber and some strapping. All I can say is that Luna sandals feel good on my feet. Did you know Socrates spent a lot of time with the cobbler? What is the symbolic meaning of shoes? I don't know. Maybe I should read Simon's Socratic Dialogs. I think there is a way that traditional footwear can be manipulated ever so slightly that is unnoticeable to the eye but disruptive to the gait. Lunas require a more skilled gremlin to distort gait than your typical trickster is capable. Or they are more easily readjusted back to good. Or maybe I'm just insane and that's a very scary thought There is definitely some key symbology in footwear that I do not understand though. I know because the symbol of shoes is pervasive in art and replicated throughout the ages. From Socrates to 'putting shoe trucks in the getto' to entice people to steal them. Anyway. I like the shoes. Thank you.

    United States

    Great Traction LUNAS

    Great with muddy trails.