LUNA Venado

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  • The Venado (Deer en Español) with with our super secure ATS laces is our recommended street sandal.

    The Venado (previously named the Original Luna) is handmade in Seattle. It represents the best fruits of our experiences and experiments with old-school footwear and gleanings from insights that we have gathered from both our ancestors and our customers. It uses a 6mm Vibram neoprene sole (7mm with footbed) that is lightweight, comfortable, and has excellent ground feel. This sandal is great for running or walking on paved surfaces and moderate trails.

    The Venado Weight (single sandal, men's size 9, ATS laces, either footbed): about 3.9 oz

    How does it compare to the other sandal models? 
    • The Venado is our lightest, thinnest (7mm) model. Great for road running or casual wear, and molds well to your feet. 
    • The Mono is our most versatile sandal. It's fairly thick (12mm), but also light weight and moldable. It has some traction for trail running, but not so much that it can't be used for road wear. 
    • The Oso (11mm) is secure and rugged, but also our heaviest, least moldable option. If you need a tough, long-lasting sandal for rocky terrain or a trail ultra marathon, the Oso is for you. If not, no Oso for you, yo! 
    • The Leadville (11mm) and Leadville Pacer (9mm) are lightweight, moldable trail alternatives to the more protective Oso. They have more aggressive tread than the Venado and Mono, making them better for trails. The aggressive tread will wear out quickly on pavement though, so stick to trails with these sandals!



    You can choose between the Pittards Premium Leather footbed and the MGT footbed. Our MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) footbed maintains the black, low profile, look of the naked top Lunas while improving traction and durability. For wet and muddy conditions the MGT footbed is king.

    The Pittards High Performance Leather footbed adds comfort, helps your sandals form to your feet, and absorbs some moisture. The MGT footbed is still the ultimate in wet weather running, however the Pittards footbed offers a natural and beautiful looking alternative.



    The Venado comes with our secure and comfortable ATS (All Terrain Strapping) laces. The ATS laces include our Luna Plug System, which consists of a soft, tubular nylon between the toes and a flat plug under the outsole for extended wear protection.

    The remainder of the laces are made up of a 5/8" climbing-grade tubular nylon with an elasticized heel strap, making the sandals easy to slip on and off. The buckle at the top of the foot allows for simple adjustments thanks to the ability to tighten and loosen the buckle and slide the strap up and down the toe strap. To keep the buckle from slipping while you're wearing them, a strip of MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) has been added to the buckle area.


    Tech Straps: 
    LUNA Mono, LUNA Venado and LUNA Camino and all ATS Laced LUNAs come standard with Tech Straps now! LUNA Tech Straps are patent pending add-on ankle straps that helps keep your heel straps and ankle secure. It's the final piece of an ultra-secure puzzle meant to keep your foot in place on slippery, hilly, and otherwise technical terrain.

    Find out how to add and adjust Tech Straps with this video.

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LUNA Sizing
Once you've determined your size, you can double check it by clicking the corresponding Printer Iconand printing out a template.
When printing our copyrighted PDF templates, make sure the "Scale" in the Print Window is set to 100% or the template won't be accurate.
If using the Chrome browser, make sure the "Fit to page" checkbox is UNCHECKED.
After you print out the template, also double check the scale by comparing a ruler to the ruler that prints on the template.
Toes should be close to edge, but not hang over. Want our opinion? Send a photo of your foot on the template
The biggest issue people have is not having the template accurately printed, so double check twice. ;-)
(Centimeters) Your FootLUNA MensLUNA Womensthe actual width of our sandal in centimetersPrint
21.9 - 22.2 4 6 9.2 Printer-icon
22.3 - 22.6 4.5 6.5 9.4 Printer-icon
22.7 - 23 5 7 9.6 Printer-icon
23.1 - 23.5 5.5 7.5 9.8 Printer-icon
23.6 - 23.9 6 8 10 Printer-icon
24.0 - 24.3 6.5 8.5 10.2 Printer-icon
24.4 - 24.7 7 9 10.4 Printer-icon
24.8 - 25.2 7.5 9.5 10.55 Printer-icon
25.3 - 25.6 8 10 10.7 Printer-icon
25.7 - 26.0 8.5 10.5 10.85 Printer-icon
26.1 - 26.4 9 11 11 Printer-icon
26.5 - 26.8 9.5 11.5 11.15 Printer-icon
26.9 - 27.3 10 12 11.35 Printer-icon
27.4 - 27.7 10.5 12.5 11.5 Printer-icon
27.8 - 28.1 11 13 11.7 Printer-icon
28.2 - 28.5 11.5 13.5 11.85 Printer-icon
28.6 - 29.0 12 14 12 Printer-icon
29.1 - 29.4 12.5 14.5 12.2 Printer-icon
29.5 - 30.1 13 15 12.4 Printer-icon
Hey LUNA Monkeys, I don't fit into any of you standard sizes, what can I do?
No problem. We have experience making "special" sandals for people just like you. Is your foot too narrow?
Is your right foot significantly longer than your left? Are your toes longer or shorter than average? We can help.
There are a few steps to getting a non-standard or custom LUNA made.
Firstly, we need to determine if your feet will fit any of our standard sizes. If you've printed out our templates and found none fitting you, then a custom LUNA is the best option for you, contact us at or call call us at 855-586-2726. We can help.