• DIY Assembly Kit: Traditional LUNA Oso

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Patrick Sweeney at speed.




Monkeys! The newest LUNA Traditional Oso DIY assembly kit is here (no tools required)

The new Traditional LUNA DIY assembly kits come complete with:

  1. pre-cut LUNA Oso MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) footbed with countersunk toe hole
  2. LUNA Blue or Black ribbon laces (that you string through your new sandals)

How to assemble? Easy. Pull lace end through toe hole seating the plug in the countersunk hole. String laces through side holes. Tie onto foot. Go.

LUNA has been selling kits for years and years. Many of our oldest customers bought their original kits from Barefoot Ted as far back as 2007!

LUNA has come a long way since then. We now are known as makers of the finest adventure sandals in the world...and we build them right here in Seattle.

Our new DIY assembly kits are far more user friendly. No tools are required. Our newest laces come with a new bullet-proof plug system and a countersunk toe hole. Long lasting.

Still want leather or hemp laces? Choose "No Laces" on this page and then go here to get leather or hemp laces.

Warning: Wearing traditional LUNAs definitely requires more time and skill to tie then the more mature LUNA Sandals with ATS laces, but lots of our customers love the idea of wearing a traditionally laced huarache sandal and are willing to make the commitment to learning the skill. Some of the best LUNA athletes prefer the lacing traditional, plus it looks great too. 

How to tie? There are many ways. Go to LUNA's YouTube page to find several: click here