• Dark Chocolate Mono

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Hand made in Seattle USA

The Chocolate Monkeys (Milk Chocolate & Dark Chocolate) are the first of a new line of Premium LUNAs. The current batch is being made with hand-picked, top-quality "American Bison" that is creamy and soft to the touch, and strong. The most luxurious LUNA ever.

The laces on "Chocolate Monkeys" are hand cut from the same super soft leather. Be aware that they will stretch a bit at first, but the comfort is far superior to any other LUNA lace. Easily adjustable on the go.

These sandals are made for casual and dress use using the LUNA Mono sole as the base, but you can run in them too...to catch a plane, taxi or taco truck yo!

*Each "Chocolate Monkey" leather has its own unique markings. The Craft Monkeys hand pick the best parts and make your sandals. No two pair are exactly the same.