• LUNA Kahuna Flaco

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Kahuna is a Hawaiian word, defined in Pukui & Elbert (1986) as a "priest, sorcerer, magician, wizard, minister, expert in any profession". The LUNA Kahuna is one of our finest new lifestyle sandals built to be able to handle the biggest waves of your hectic everyday life, but comfortable enough to wear all day on your multi-day travel adventures. Made in Seattle. 

The LUNA Kahuna Flaco comes with our custom made 5/8" elasticized leather laces - craved by LUNA fans from years past, we are reintroducing them in this new model. The Kahuna Flacos = LUNA Venado footbed top covered with the finest outdoor-wearable black goat leather from Pittards of England. This is one super sweet sandal. Ready for summer now! 

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