• Leadville Trail

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Made in Seattle, USA

The Leadville Trail Specs: 
Weight: 5.6 oz (per sandal, laces included, size 9) 
Thickness: 11mm 
Footbed: MGT 
Laces: Trail

The Leadville Trail with the non-slip MGT footbed with our super secure Trail laces with tech straps is one of our recommended trail running adventure sandals.

This rugged sandal is designed for trail running adventures. Barefoot Ted put the Leadville through rigorous testing and completed the Leadville Trail 100 in them in 2010. Many others have gone on to do the same.

The Leadville Trail takes the edge off all those sharp rocks that otherwise can bruise and tenderize the bottom of your feet. The sole of this sandal is a 10mm Vibram neoprene rubber (11mm when combined with MGT footbed) that is lightweight, durable, and has an aggressive tread pattern. Try the Leadville Pacer for a slightly thinner version of the same sandal. The Leadville Trail provides enough protection to handle just about any trail. It uses an imported from Vibram® Italy sole that is light, durable, and has an aggressive tread pattern.

The Leadville Trail comes with our now famous MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) footbed, which improves traction and durability. The MGT footbed adds reinforcement to the toe and ankle holes. LUNAs with the MGT footbed are more slip resistant on trails and in wet conditions.


TRAIL LACES (new for Leadville)

The Leadville now comes with a Trail version of our secure and comfortable ATS (All Terrain Strapping) laces. The ATS laces include our Luna Plug System, which consists of a soft, tubular nylon between the toes and a flat nylon plug under the outsole for extended wear protection. Super strong and long lasting.

The Trail Lace Variation: 
The buckle and basic design remain the same, but the elasticized heel strap has been replaced by a non-stretch, cushioned heel pad to add more security and comfort to the overall strapping system.

Tech Strap: 
The Tech Strap is an add-on ankle strap that helps keep your heel strap and ankle secure. It's the final piece of an ultra-secure puzzle meant to keep your foot in place on slippery, hilly, and otherwise technical terrain.

Find out how to add and adjust the Tech Straps with this video

**Note: Tech Straps now available for all LUNA ATS laced sandals: click here