Guest post by a LUNAtic - Greg Polakiewicz

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Majestic Oak trees were scattered across the rolling hills of dry grass around us. The marine layer was burning off and the morning sun was greeting us as we finished breakfast and lounged around camp. After some frisbee, a game of whiffle ball developed quickly as more people wanted to join the fun. There were no rules or teams, or maybe the rules and teams were made up and changed for each...

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Greetings Luna-tics!

Happy New Year, Happy New Contest and Sale:

  • New Monthly Fan Pic Contest
  • Monkeys Set to Invade Salt Lake City
  • BirthdayShoes ATS Review
  • Barefoot Ted Ramps Up Blog
  • Patrick Sweeney Wins 1/2 Marathon in Lunas
  • This Weekend Only: Free International Shipping

New Monthly Themed Facebook Photo Contest

(Say that five times fast!)

Our Weekly Runner Poll is going so well, we thought we’d...

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Happy Holidays Lunatics!

Info on Austin, beating the Christmas shipping deadline, a fan dressed as Nurse The Joker and more:

  • Luna Invades The Running Event in Austin
  • Sale on Toe Socks
  • Holiday Shipping Deadline
  • New Sandals, New Shipping Options, New Sizes
  • Reviews Show Luna Some Love
  • Win an ATS with Toe Socks in our Weekly Runner Poll
  • Last Month’s Fan-tastic Photos

Monkeys in Austin

Barefoot Ted,...

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Greetings Lunatics!

This month we’re all about making Lunas easier with a comparison chart to help you pick the right sandals for you, half sizes, and a new all-weather sandal that’s in the works:

  • Sandal Comparison Chart
  • New Sizing Chart - Including Half Sizes
  • Working on a Wet Weather Sandal
  • New Lacing Option: Red Elasticized Laces
  • Anne Thilges Runs Ironman Triathlon in Lunas
  • Luna Reviews:...
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Anne Thilges - runner, triathlete, and Luna wearer - wrote up a blog for us on her experience at the Ironman Thriathlon World Championships. Thanks Anne!

I am thrilled to be able to guest-blog for the Monkeys at Luna Sandals. Please return often, forward to friends, and leave nice comments so the good folk at Luna do not regret giving me the opportunity!

I get to tell about wearing Luna Sandals...

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Greetings Lunatics!

We have some big changes, new products, and a weekly contest to talk about as we head into fall:

  • Brand new lacing system for all sandals
  • Persistence Hunt results
  • Lunatics Bracelets
  • Full Moon Gathering and Trot on Monday
  • Upcoming events we’re sponsoring
  • Win a t-shirt with our weekly Facebook Contest
  • This months best fan pics

Our New and Improved Lacing System

We are really...

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Guest post by Danielle Hathaway - a Lunatic from Seattle

After reading Born to Run, I couldn’t get enough information to satisfy my barefoot running curiosity, and then I found the Luna Sandals website. It turns out that we were both from Seattle! And I could go to the factory, get a tour and have them make me my own Huraches! Custom-made! From scratch! So in I went.

I took home my first pair of...

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Greetings Lunatics!

It’s been a busy (in a good way) month at Luna Sandals. Here’s an update on what’s been happening recently at Luna, as well as a preview of things to come:

  • Two new Luna sandals now available
  • Luna Sandals made a big splash at the Outdoor Retailer Expo
  • BFT and Bookis are getting ready to run the Leadville Trail 100
  • Run and chat with other minimalist footwear fanatics at the NYC...
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