'Kórima' means 'sharing' in the language of the Tarahumara.

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This was originally posted on Scott’s personal blog.


We played, laughed, and smiled as we ran in a pack, like a tribe, down the brush and cactus lined switchbacks from the lighthouse. Below the clear blue sky, the ocean stretched out to the horizon on one side and the rolling landscape of Mazatlan stretched out on the other. Shawn was the dj to our mobile party blasting some energizing dubstep...

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Greetings Lunar Monkeys!

We have a plenty of fun pictures this newsletter, plus a 15% off coupon and the return of the Leadville Pacer:

  • Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon Photos
  • T-shirt Giveaway Brings out the Amazing Fan Pics
  • Free Sandals Winner
  • 15% Off Leadville Sale & Leadville Pacer Returns Next Week

BFT & the Monkeys Run the Copper Canyon Ultra

Below are some of Barefoot Ted’s finest photos from...

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Greetings Lunar Monkeys!

We have some big changes, new products, and a weekly contest to talk about as we head into spring:

  • 10% Off Everything Sale
  • Leadville with ATS Lacing Option
  • BFT Runs Avalon Benefit 50 Mile Run
  • Winter OR in Pictures
  • Monthly Photo Contest Winner
  • When Are the Leadville Pacer and Vegan Elasticized Laces Coming Back?
  • Fan Pics and New Photo Contest

Full Moon Sale: 10% Off...

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Reading Christopher McDougall’s recent article titled “Born to Be Barefoot” was a great pleasure. His article succinctly confirms and validates for me the worthiness of the pursuit of personal understanding through self-experimentation and hints from the stories and traditions of our most ancient ancestors.

Christopher McDougall’s book “Born to Run” has moved a lot of us to reexamine what it means...

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Greetings Luna-tics!

The leaves are changing and so are our shipping options. Here’s what else is going on at Luna in October:

  • Free Shipping!
  • The Luna Rickshaw is Unleashed
  • Retrofit Program Now Live
  • BFT is Off to India and China
  • New Soling Material Available for DIY Kits
  • Adventure World Magazine Reviews Luna
  • Full Moon Gathering and Trot on Tuesday
  • Full Moon Sale, Win Free Sandals!
  • This Month’s...
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Greetings Lunatics!

We have some big changes, new products, and a weekly contest to talk about as we head into fall:

  • Brand new lacing system for all sandals
  • Persistence Hunt results
  • Lunatics Bracelets
  • Full Moon Gathering and Trot on Monday
  • Upcoming events we’re sponsoring
  • Win a t-shirt with our weekly Facebook Contest
  • This months best fan pics

Our New and Improved Lacing System

We are really...

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Greetings Lunatics!

It’s been a busy (in a good way) month at Luna Sandals. Here’s an update on what’s been happening recently at Luna, as well as a preview of things to come:

  • Two new Luna sandals now available
  • Luna Sandals made a big splash at the Outdoor Retailer Expo
  • BFT and Bookis are getting ready to run the Leadville Trail 100
  • Run and chat with other minimalist footwear fanatics at the NYC...
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Lunatics, Lunar Explorers, Fellow Space Monkeys…

This monkey is riding the biggest wave he has ever ridden…and loving it.

Lots of folks are wondering where I am going with Luna Sandals. Have I become a shoe salesman they wonder. “How can Barefoot Ted sell footwear? After all he’s ‘Barefoot’ Ted, right?”

Well Space Monkeys, truth be told, I founded Luna Sandalsin order to make the best sandals in...

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